About Us

Thank you for visiting Temple Shir Shalom’s website, a Metropolitan Detroit Reform Synagogue.

It is the vision of Temple Shir Shalom to be recognized as:

    • A center for all Jews who believe in the inclusion of all aspects of Judaism
    • A significant force in the lives of our congregants
    • A significant force in the community at large
    • A “Values” driven institution
    • A leader in Tikkun Olam

Our Fivefold Mission Statement:

  1. Though it may be true with the world that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, at Shir Shalom, the Temple should always behave as a supportive community to each and every member.
  2. Every person in the congregation should do what he or she can do in a positive way to make things happen that the Temple needs to have happen. Our attitude should not be: Why shouldn’t something happen or what’s wrong with an idea, rather our attitude must be: How can I make an idea work? What’s the best way we can make something happen?
  3. The Temple should be a place where every person, regardless of his or her background, status, affluence, age, etc., is made to feel welcome, accepted and comfortable. Each member of the congregation must go out of his or her way to help create this environment.
  4. Each person in the congregation has unique skills, talents and resources to share. Every person, therefore, is of equal importance and value to the community. We need one another.
  5. Anyone who enters the Temple should not leave without having learned something. Our programs and our services should reflect a love of learning.