About Us

Welcome to the Temple Shir Shalom website. Temple Shir Shalom is a Reform Synagogue serving the Metropolitan Detroit Area..

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Temple Shir Shalom is to create a welcoming, warm and inclusive community that honors the traditions of Judaism while embracing the innovative principles of reform so that every member can engage in Jewish life in an environment that prioritizes Torah (learning), Avodah (spiritual growth), G’milut Chasidim (acts of loving kindness), Tikkun Olam (social action), and meaningful opportunities for personal connection to our Jewish community and the State of Israel.

About Us…

In the forefront of Reform Judaism’s future, Temple Shir Shalom has grown from 30 founding families in 1988 to over 950 families today. We have worked hard to create a synagogue, which could radiate warmth and respond to the individual needs of our congregants. Architects Ken Neumann and Joel Smith translated both the mission of our congregation and Rabbi Dannel Schwartz’s vision into brick and mortar while providing the traditional three-fold purpose of the synagogue: a house of study, a house of prayer and a house of meeting designed for people who wish to share a warmth of heart and spirit.

Temple Shir Shalom members, you can keep up with the latest temple happenings by visiting the Latest New/Calendar pages. Let us know if you want to get involved in temple, volunteer your time or make a donation.