Parent Testimonials

Testimonials from parents of students in The Learning Center…

“The Learning Center has helped my daughter build a strong foundation from which she has grown. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually!!”

Ashley Stein

“The Learning Center fosters the growth of its students socially and emotionally while preparing them academically for kindergarten.”

Gina Katz

“The holistic educational approach at The Learning Center allowed my daughter to explore and engage in the world around her while protecting and nurturing her spirit.  This introduction to school gave her a zest for learning and a passion for school.”

Heidi Ostheimer

“What I most appreciate about The Learning Center is the individualization afforded to each child.  They learn how to socialize while maintaining their sense of self.”

Anthony Salciccioli

“After attending The Learning Center, my kids were perfectly prepared academically. Beyond that, they were taught the social skills to positively relate to and interact with their peers. It was amazing to see these kids compromising and solving their own problems at 3 and 4 years old!”

Alison Lustig

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