Livestream & Temple Shir Shalom

If you can’t join us for specific services, programs and events you can do the next best thing. Watch them live on your computer, iPad, tablet, iPhone, smart phone, or whatever cool gadget you have that can access the internet. Check out our page on Go to to watch a live broadcast of upcoming events, services and programs or events that have taken place. We archive everything we live broadcast. That means you can watch High Holy Day Services if you missed them.

Check out the web site and you’ll see the events lined up on our page. Follow us with your Facebook account or your email address and will notify you of upcoming live broadcast events.  Think of TiVo for Shir Shalom…

Our live-streaming video of services, programs and events has been made possible through the generosity of the Sonnino Memorial Fund, in loving memory of Sandra and Giorgio Sonnino.