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Enrollment is open for 21-22 The Learning Center Preschool and SHORESH

Temple Shir Shalom Fund Descriptions

Adult and Children Choir Fund: Restricted fund assisting Temple with programming for those with special needs.

Barkin, Steven Preschool Scholarship Fund: Restricted fund helps families with need-based scholarships for Temple Shir Shalom's Preschool.

Bean, Ethan, Wellness Foundation: Restricted fund supporting programming and opportunities to strengthen the mental health of our members.

Blank Family Endowment Fund: Restricted fund to benefit the musical programming for Temple Shir Shalom.

Cantor Penny M. Steyer Discretionary Fund: Restricted, donations are used at Cantor Penny’s discretion towards strengthening our community.

Chernack-Ronie Family Fund: Restricted fund supporting Introduction to Judaism Educational Programming.

Cooper Family Music Fund: Restricted fund supporting music programming, musicians in residence and other musical opportunities at Temple.

Fishman, Art, Burning Bush Fund: Restricted fund for the Burning Bush landscaping area at Temple.

Frank, Carole & Henry, Interfaith Garden: Maintaining the sanctity and beauty of the Interfaith garden.

Frank, Hy & Esther, Family Assistance Fund: Restricted fund providing financial assistance for Temple’s educational opportunities for families in need.

Fruman, Albert and Dorothy, Foundation: Restricted Fund supporting b’nai mitzvah families in need of assistance.

Ginn, Jim, Educational Arts Fund: Restricted fund supporting Temple’s art-based educational programming for our Youth.

Goodman Fund for the Performing Arts: Restricted fund to bring unique and innovative performing arts to Temple Shir Shalom.

Katz, Liliann & Ely, Memorial Scholarship Fund: Restricted fund to provide annual scholarships to students in need.

Kurjan, Dr. Marni Grossfeld, Fund: Restricted fund providing scholarships to students needing financial assistance.

Landsberg, Jan, Education Fund: Restricted fund supporting lifelong learning at Temple Shir Shalom.

Leikin, George & Celia, Program Fund: Restricted fund providing opportunities to strengthen individuals emotionally and physically

Levine, Maura, Special Education Fund: Restricted Fund supporting special education and inclusion opportunities at Temple.

Lewis Basic Needs Fund: Restricted fund providing general assistance to individuals in need.

Linkner, Monica, Adoption Fund: Restricted fund supporting families with the process and experience of adoption.

Lynn & Mindlin Maimonides Wellness Fund: Restricted fund for Temple members to subsidize and promote wellness and health education.

Mazius, Jessica Foner, Youth Scholarship Fund: Restricted fund providing religious school scholarships and financial assistance for children in need at Shir Shalom.

Moray, James “Jamey, Special Needs Fund: Restricted fund assisting Temple with programming for those with special needs.

Myers/Janower Scholarship Fund: Restricted fund helping families in need with the expenses related to b’nai mitzvah education.

Narens, Judith, Memorial Fund: Restricted fund supporting programming which brings temple members together.

Nathan Youth Fund: Restricted fund creating opportunities to strengthen youth programming at Temple and providing financial assistance for opportunities to students in need.

Nosanchuk, Michael, Scholarship Fund: Restricted fund providing scholarships for school, camp, trips to Israel, and other trips for youth.

Preschool Tributes / Giving: Assisting Temple Shir Shalom’s Preschool with everyday expenses.

Rabbi Michael L. Moskowitz’s Discretionary Fund: Restricted, donations are used at Rabbi Michael's discretion towards strengthening our community.

Rabbi Daniel A. Schwartz’s Discretionary Fund: Restricted, donations are used at Rabbi Daniel's discretion towards strengthening our community.

Rabbi Dannel I Schwartz’s Discretionary Fund: Restricted, donations are used at Rabbi Dannel's discretion towards strengthening our community.

Raiber, Mary & Henry, Memorial “Mensch” Fund: Restricted fund facilitating help to those in need through the kindness we are able to share.

Rambam Tikkun Olam Fund:Restricted fund supporting social action initiatives in our community and around the world.

Religious School (SHORESH) Library Fund: Assisting with the purchase of new materials for our Religious School library.

Religious School (SHORESH) Fund: Assisting Temple Shir Shalom’s Religious School with everyday expenses.

Rohan, Lorraine & Al, Madrichim Program Fund: Restricted fund helping to strengthen Madrichim programming,as well as enhancing the arts and education brought to our youth.

Romanik, Suzi, Print Fund: Supporting innovative and creative printing projects for Temple Shir Shalom.

Sachs, Shirlee E., Library Fund: Restricted fund assisting Temple with strengthening and developing our library.

Sakwa Fund: Restricted fund creating opportunities for bettering our community and helping those in need.

Sanders, Jami Ann, Youth Fund: Restricted fund providing Shir Shalom youth with scholarships for experience expenses.

Saperstein Preschool Fund: Restricted fund for funding the future of the Shir Shalom Preschool.

Schwartz, Dannel I., Legacy Fund: Restricted fund promoting innovation and programming to sustain Shir Shalom into the future.

Schwartz-Averbuch Youth Scholarship Fund: Restricted fund providing scholarship opportunities for Temple’s youth.

Solomon, Abraham B., Memorial Fund: Helping Temple honor and support Jewish war veterans.

Sonnino, Sandra & Giorgio, Fund: Restricted fund honoring founding members Sandra and Giorgio, to inspire new initiatives at Temple, and support youth scholarship opportunities.

SSTY/NFTY Tributes:  Assisting Temple Shir Shalom’s SSTY programs with everyday expenses.

Steinberg, Shirley R. and Irving H., High Holiday Music Fund: Restricted fund helping support music opportunities during the High Holy Days.

Stillman, Emily, Fund: Restricted fund to educate the community about meningitis, vaccine preventable diseases, and the importance of organ/tissue transplantation.

Torah Restoration and Repair Fund: Restricted fund supporting the preservation and lives of our Torahs.

Temple Shir Shalom Audio/Video/Tech Fund: Restricted fund to subsidize the Audio/Video/Tech purchases at Temple for better online and in-person experiences.

Temple Shir Shalom Chaplaincy Fund: Restricted fund Supporting Shir Shalom’s Chaplaincy Program in ways to keep our members connected

Temple Shir Shalom General Fund: Donations go towards general expenditures at Temple.

Temple Shir Shalom Prayerbook Fund: Restricted fund for assisting with the creation and printing of new Temple Shir Shalom prayer books.

Temple Shir Shalom Voluntary Building Fund: Donations to go towards general maintenance and upgrades at Temple.

Wartell, Dana, Cancer Support Fund: Restricted fund providing support to families experiencing the challenges of cancer.

Ziff Memorial Wall Fund: Maintaining the sanctity and beauty of the memorial wall that honors the memory of our loved ones.

Zuppke, Marla Youth Fund: Restricted fund subsidizing youth programming opportunities and scholarships for students in need.

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