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Our clergy are available to meet with you to support you through this difficult time.

Funerals & Jewish Traditions

Funeral Planning
Clergy are available to help families in planning funeral arrangements in coordination with one of our local funeral homes. Actual funeral arrangements are made through the funeral homes directly.

Temple Shir Shalom has a portion of the Beth El Memorial Park Cemetery in Livonia and at Clover Hill Park Cemetery in Birmingham dedicated to our members. To discuss purchasing a cemetery plot, please contact the individual cemeteries. 

Shiva Corps
Temple Shir Shalom has a group of volunteer leaders, our Shiva Corps, that lead shiva services following the funeral. These arrangements can be made with clergy and funeral homes. 

Our clergy are available for consultations regarding what to inscribe on the stone. It is necessary to contact the cemetery to confirm the stone's placement before arranging the unveiling date. While some families request the assistance of a Rabbi for the service, unveilings do not require Rabbinical officiating. We are happy to provide you with copies of an "Unveiling Service" if you choose to lead the service on your own. To schedule an unveiling, please contact the Temple Office at (248) 737-8700.


Observing a Yahrzeit
Kaddish can be recited on the Yahrzeit (anniversary of death) of your loved ones during a Shabbat Service or Sunday morning minyan. Yahrzeit reminders are sent to Temple members in advance of the specific Shabbat when the yahrzeit is observed. To have a Yahrzeit name read, please fill out this form

Yahrzeit Policy
For years, as we learned about the deaths of family and friends of our congregation, we automatically added loved one's names to our Kaddish list and would recite them, not just in the first month following their death, but every year at their yahrzeit as well. We ask that you take a moment before entering the sanctuary for any Shabbat service to confirm that you would like their name read at that time. Alternatively, you can call the Temple Office, at 248-737-8700, in advance of Friday or present your yahrzeit notice card to an usher when you arrive. 

Yahrzeit Plaques
We have Yahrzeit/Memorial plaques for purchase to remember your loved ones. To purchase a plaque, please complete this form  or contact the office at 248-737-8700. 

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